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My Garage Gallery

Paul H Devoti and Luis Enrique Gutierrez have launched My Garage Gallery in Paul's home in Wake Forest, NC.

For 14 years Paul and Luis have participated in top art shows around the country exhibiting Luis's cultural art pottery.

Now, as events around the country are cancelled, May Garage Gallery offers a safe, open air space to view the collection.  Any one in the Raleigh / Durham area can make an appointment for a private showing.

At the same time the website offers access to view all of the sculptures in the space.

My Garage Gallery features the work of third generation ceramic artisan Luis Enrique Gutierrez and the work of the Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio that Paul started in his home in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.

Luis Enrique Gutierrez Collection

Atlantis Collection

Atlantis Ceramic Plaques

Atlantis Printed Products

Whether in person or online the sculptures we offer will dazzle the senses.


Ceramic Art Sculpture by Atlantis

Safe Environment

Our open air, private showings are safe for you and your family

Giving Back

All of our activities benefit community projects in San Juan de Oriente

Exciting & Unqiue

Cultural art experience that offers educational and artistic value