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My Garage Gallery is our open air, social distance friendly, interactive cultural arts experience.

Located, yes, in my garage in Wake Forest, NC.

Here is the calendar to make an appointment!

You and up to 4 people have private access for an hour to view the collection, interact with Luis Enrique Gutierrez while he works on his current sculpture, as well as have access to me, Paul Devoti, founder of the space and 25 years interacting with the indigenous pottery community of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.

On display My Garage Gallery is:

One of Kind sculptures by Luis Enrique Gutierrez

My Atlantis Studio Sculptures - pieces I design and execute with a group of four artisan friends in my home and studio in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.

Original framed clay plaques we make in the Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio.

Samples of the Atlantis Studio Printed products including: bags, pillows, shirts and wall art born out of our original art designs.

Weather you are local to the Raleigh Durham, NC area or anywhere to access we know you will be excited by the culture, quality and craftsmanship we bring to you at My Garage Gallery.

Make an appointment!  We look forward to hosting you.


Safe Environment

Our open air, private showings are safe for you and your family

Giving Back

All of our activities benefit community projects in San Juan de Oriente

Exciting & Unqiue

Cultural art experience that offers educational and artistic value