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Luis Enrique Gutierrez Original Sculptures

Luis Enrique Gutierrez is a third generation ceramic artist living in Wake Forest, NC.  Luis grew up in the artisan pueblo of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua where the learned the native pottery craft from his Father and Godfather.

Now living in North Carolina Luis get to share both his cultural heritage and his personal artistic talent locally and to the world.

For more than 20 years Luis and potters from his family have interacted with local potters at Dan Finch pottery.  Luis continues to fire his pots there today!

Luis shares and exhibits his one of a kind clay sculptures at My Garage Gallery in Wake Forest, NC.  Visitors to the gallery get to see an incredible collection as well as observe the master at work.  Local?  Click here to make an appointment.

For online viewing and purchases all of Luis's current sculptures are available here at 

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Our open air, private showings are safe for you and your family

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All of our activities benefit community projects in San Juan de Oriente

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Cultural art experience that offers educational and artistic value