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Huge Mask with Toro Vessel

Huge Mask with Toro Vessel

Huge Mask with Toro Vessel

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 The Mask and Toro vessel is an example of the caliber of work the places Luis Enrique Gutierrez as one of the top Cultural / Contemporary ceramists in the world.

This sculpture both defines the cultural heritage that has lead Luis into the decorative clay world and the modern artistic mind the has led him to be the innovator of design and craftsmanship he has become.

The sculpture is headlined by Luis's classic Toro y Pez motif where a fish and tucan come together within the face of long, horned bull.

Masks throughout the piece are a reference to ancestors and the roots from which we all are born from.

There is however so much more.  The size of the thrown vessel allows for the development of so many story lines including: tree of life, turtle, many birds and native symbols such as the Feathered Serpent.

A work of immense character and presence.  One of the defining pieces of Luis's career.

H 17 inches W 12 Inches 

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Love, love, love “Nocturnal” piece I just received!   Also considering purchase of the Parrot and the Moon if I can find a place for it in my home!  Thanks so much!!! 

Dawn McKinley

These are stunning works of art! I have traveled the world and this work is a standout! I LOVE the 2 pieces I have and marvel at their beauty.

Terri Barkin

I am thrilled with my recent acquisition of Helio Gutierrez pottery, masterfully crafted. Spirited in representing their local culture and heritage. High praise to the work of these ceramic artist's!

Catherine Aguilera

Amazing work and use of color...beyond my wildest dreams in a potter's mind. so beautiful and mad respect for you

Pam Kelly

Exquisite handwork and pottery. I love my piece and rave about it.

Richard Ferrante
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